Members Tschebberwooky is a Roots - Acoustic - Reggae - Dub - Ska - Dance Band from Styria , the green heart of Europe ...
We have been making music since 1997, and we  are still doing it with love .. Music comes from the heart and the soul - the heart of Tschebberwooky is the wooky forest studio and the soul are its bandmembers...


the mastermind &  frontman of the band, writes wooky songs, preproduces them in his wooky home studio, does all the wooky organisational work and is, besides Didgital, another wooky he not exceptionally wooky?


the whippersnapper, fingerpicker, one dropper, crazy rocker, he is  the man , a secret  ...


or Mr.Riddim, a storm, a dog or a mermaid,
he`s riding on the notes, nothing can distract him.
So come on, whats up ?


a Golden Drummer, also called
the left hand of the devil

Mr. Boom Boom

when the ground is shaking,
smooooth with groove boom
for heaven`s sake, he loves
music playing the bass but for
​no race, dont haste

Sam Wise

the inventor of the Trumpethorse
sound,..he loves the crowd and his second band the stout

Jason Brass

some people know him as Jason Mraz, but his second instrument is the trompone... so good to rock the crowd alone 


cool & calm,...
play on Mr. Music play on ....
he s the man 
behind the piano & organ
plays also accordion, melodica, guitar
and knows any harmony or song while sleeping 
play on....



with her dipsy-doodle jazzy background voice, she fits
perfectly inna the wooky riddims
joyful Jane swing on...


the ​wildest curly background girl worlwide with a million dollar voice and with Jane, ... its a unique combination!


1 slice of coolness, chopped
5 cups of nespresso, what else?
2 bits of competence, peeled and cubed

none active


wow,.. the amazing queen in the SAX scene, she loves what she does, and you really can hear that…


does some of the songwriting and is the mullti-instrumentalist of the band (keys, ukulele, accordion, backing vocals)

Mr. Baff

playing the bass and nothing else, also known as the right hand of the devil


fapp dab bi du bli dujööö the Jazzlady has always the right smile , when she doesn't play a wonderful sax solo


feels the music, he is the one who played the accordion for the wooky people cd


a good friend of the band and the mixingman of the wooky people cd and playing the guitar or the violin one of the members of the wooky people 


Laura Winkler, the backing vocal jazz queen, member of the wooky people
(also in the band aura:L sculptures)


Anja Schweighart, the backing vocal soul queen,member of the wooky people (also in the band she pearl)

Bunny K.

just close your eyes and  feel the vibez
Five strings and the bass nearly sings ..


plays tunes from all over the world on the guitar,sings the backing vocals and also does a great deal of the songwriting


live & direct


play on    


still wooky on the road
24. AUG. 2024
Acoustic Campfire Festival
A Kindberg


still wooky


acoustic style
Die „WOOKY ROOTS COMBO“ ist die akustische Version der Band „Tschebberwooky“. Hier klingt die Musik nach weit weg, nach kreolischer Sonne,  nach Blätterdach Strandbar und Sundowner-Cocktail. Die neue Formation transportiert den Wooky Sound für kleinere Clubs, Bars, Partys...   and wie klingt die Roots Combo  here it is: WOOKY ROOTS COMBO VIDEO MEDLEY ( RECORDED @WOOKY MUSIC studios)
Live dance battle.